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The Material Health report is available in complete or summary formats as downloadable PDF files (see list below).  

·         Complete report (PDF 0.5/17 MB)  and Additional Information (PDF 0.4 MB) 

Additional information includes:

o        Construction and PFI’s in the NHS

o        Clinical waste and the NHS:  Initial data review

o        Freight transport associated with the NHS:  Methdology

o        Acknowledgments

o        Background information for the:

§         Domestic waste scenario

§         Transport scenario

·         Report evaluation form (PDF 0.5 MB) 

·         Executive Summary & key findings (PDF 0.1 MB) 

·         Flyer (PDF 0.5 MB) 

 The Material Health project uses the Corporate Stepwise™ methodology and tools.  For more information, contact Nicola Jenkin at Best Foot Forward. View a screenshot of BFF's prototype evaluation tool for NHS trusts.


Other Best Foot Forward services include:

* Personal Stepwise – measuring individual lifestyles

* Regional Stepwise – measuring regions

For further information about Material Health, contact Nicola Jenkin, Best Foot Forward, Tel:  01865 250818 or e-mail:  nicola@bestfootforward.com