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Material Health: A resource flow and
ecological footprint
of the NHS

Sir Nigel Crisp (left), Chief Executive of the Department of Health and NHS. Sir Liam Donaldson (right) Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health.

Extract from Foreword to Material Health:

“We recognise that the NHS, as a large organisation, will have a powerful role in helping to deliver a more sustainable future …In this study, we have for the first time an overall picture of the resources consumed in the delivery of healthcare in England and Wales.  Quantifying the environmental impact (‘ecological footprint’) of the NHS allows us to see where improvements could be made, in terms of promoting more sustainable patterns of consumption and reducing the quantity of waste that is generated, whilst still improving the social and economic circumstances of the country’s population. …”


Peter Wearmouth, NHS Estates Chief Executive said "This study  provides the first complete overview of the impact of NHS activities in England and Wales on the environment, and will be a valuable tool in the debate on the future direction of the NHS' economic, social and environmental policies"

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